​​​​Julie Bergman's second published collection of poetry, The Finder, Poems of a Private Investigator, moves through the intriguing world of the licensed private detective intermingled with the author's interior dialogues.  The author was a finder always, and vowed early to follow that path. 

After trips into music and journalism, the private sector provided opportunity to solve complex investigative problems; corporate, industrial, environmental, personal.  In this collection, she brings the reader into the shadows, where the past and present find simple or ominous resolution.  The book is illustrated by noted German artist Hans Diebschlag.  

Published by Undercover Books, the title is now available on Amazon.com as a paperback or Kindle version, and as an ibook for ipad and iphone through the ibookstore.  For further information or to contact the author, please email undercover@juliebergman.com.


Julie Bergman