Julie Bergman


Julie Bergman lived and worked in Cambridge and Boston until emigrating to California, where she began her career as a licensed detective in 1987. She continues to work as a Private Investigator, while pursuing her musical endeavors and writing.

As a Private Investigator, Ms. Bergman specializes in environmental pollution investigations, identifying and locating witnesses and missing persons, finding and analyzing historical and regulatory documents, and uncovering background information associated with individuals and companies.

As a writer and photographer, Ms. Bergman has published over 600 articles in national trade publications, and has published two poetry books, "Los Angeles Fires of the Heart," and "The Finder, Poems of a Private Investigator."

On the music side, in addition to doing solo acoustic guitar performances, Ms. Bergman performs with Alchemy, a classic rock cover band, and Weather the Storm, a piano/guitar duo featuring Suzy Fox.  Undercover Guitar, an album by Julie Bergman and Nancy Wilson, is available on major music streaming services.